Sunday, August 19, 2012

Old friends & Beachy Photos

This shoot has a story...this is my OLDEST friend...not as in she's SOOOOOO old...though I mean she IS a whole 6 months older than I am...but we have been friends since we were 5 years old...we met over the fence of our neighbor...who forever after that lamented our climbing said fence to visit each other. 

There have been times of when she moved to California, and of course that time I lived in Scotland... But we have remained friends....our boys hers 8 and mine 7 while they live far apart have gotten to know each other, and have many of the same challenges...our girls, well they just met at this last photo shoot.  

She just got married again...and her son was up from Cali for the we decided to get together to commemorate it all. They are a fun loving, laid back, raucous...and lovely group to be around.  

So here is to OLD friends...and new friends in the case of her new husband whom I got to meet finally...and to childhood friends who know us better than we know ourselves sometimes... Also, to old friends who know how  to keep you calm when everything seems to go wrong! We set this shoot up on the day before a long trip... And amidst the festivities my 16 month old threws my keys in the sand and they were LOST...utterly..and we spent an hour in the 95+ degree sun scouring the ground hoping against hope we might...MAYBE be able to find them....but nope. We finally got it resolved...bought a new key and my family and I were able to head to Yellowstone the next day as planned...but thank goodness I had her to help me see the comedy in it all...because well...Holy Stress Batman!

So without further long winded ado.... The Lopez Family!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Introducing: Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay!

It may have a been a small wedding, but the love was large...and obvious.  The ceremony simple and beautiful. I had a great time shooting this wedding...and welcomed the help of my husband as a second shooter! Here's looking forward to many more, small, simple, and beautiful weddings! 

Congratulations to the Lindsays! 

This little guy followed us around most of the day. I bet he just knew a kinsman when he sniffed him.