Monday, June 25, 2012

The Little moments

While I DO tend to carry my "big" camera around a lot more than my kids would like...(oh the curse of having a photographer for a mom!) I sometimes don't have it with me when my kids do something particularly cute...and when that happens, I thank the photography gods for Instagram.

My baby loves to look at books...obviously at 15 months she can't read..but she loved this swing at her brothers OT visit...and I was SO glad I could capture this moment! I love candid moments like these.

Friday, June 1, 2012

C + M = Love

This weekend I was privileged to shoot a close friends wedding. It was a small affair, but in no way did that lessen the fun, or the love swirling about! I had a lot of fun shooting this laid back couple and their friends and family (and some of mine as well...since my children were the Ring bearer and Flower girl).

The venue was BEAUTIFUL, and flooded with light. It was over all just a beautiful, joyous wedding that echoed the beaming smile on the brides face.